A little note from Paulina ...

All year, but especially in November, we get constantly talked into buying more (and spending more). The ads, the offers, the promotions pop out everywhere like mushrooms after a rainy day. It makes us feel guilty not to take advantage of all thewonderful bargains. A few years ago, I realised that being part of a shopping marathon didn't bring any joy or value into my life. I bought things that I didn't need, didn't really like and suffered from an overspending hangover afterwards. So I decided to stop and make changes in my buying habits. Now I buy less, but I buy better. I buy things that make me feel good, that I cherish. And I spend less. So I get my 'bargain' feeling satisfied ;-) I hope this little note will inspire you to reflect on how you REALLY feel about black Friday. Perhaps you will discover (like me) that choosing brands that price their goods fairly to start with and pay fair prices for their products brings you more happiness, joy and contentment. And this is what shopping is about, right?

P. x

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